So then: The Art of Beadwork

Some years are just like this, you know? Busy. Distracted. Lately, I have been finding it difficult to concentrate on anything. I’m still doing well in school, and still enjoying my internship, which I realize I haven’t said “boo” about on here. Part of that is because I am writing about it in my field journal instead, but also…….I’ve just about giving up on blogging. Again. And I don’t like that, so it’s time to come back.

It’s especially time to come back because I just ordered business cards that say “Custom Crafter, Fiber Artist, Blogger” and give this web address. Oops. Actually, I think I did that to me on purpose, so I would have to come back and start talking to you again. I’ll start using those cards in January at Marscon, and I need to have regular fresh content by then. So, there ya go.

Let’s talk about a book. I happen to have this one in my hands. I love it. And let me tell you why. You see that image in the front, and how it has the tiny beads all through it? The whole book is like that. Now, just as I prefer to spin and knit with very fine yarn, I also love tiny beads. And I have a slew of them. I have so many of them that I was actually considering giving them away–UNTIL I got this book to review. I couldn’t figure out what to do with them besides just string them together, and really, how many ropes of seed beads does one girl need? But this book goes beyond that, with designs that use the small beads to create some amazing pieces. And even though the front of the book shows some large beads as well, not all of the pieces use those, or they just use a few, which I have.

Now, I do have to admit that the first thing in here that I fell in love with does not have instructions in the book. It’s “Strawberry Garden” on page 13. After looking at the rest of the book, though, I am confident that I can figure out how to make something similar. And I plan to do so. In fact, one of the things I did yesterday was to set up a second work area in my living room because my used-to-be-current desk is too small to hold much beyond the laptop. (Yeah, that means I can’t do homework on it either, LOL.)

I think I haven’t told you that I now have a wall of crafting bins in my bedroom. Because I pulled them out of my closet to find something for my cousin and then decided not to shove them back in there, right? So, yay me, I now have space to craft again. Yeah, the bins have been sitting there in the way since mid-September. Yeah, it’s the end of October. Sometimes I am a bit inefficient. But, hell, my intentions are good, right?

Speaking of the end of October, I decided to do the OctPoWriMo this year. I’ve written 19 poems so far, and I don’t think I will actually make it to 31, but some poems are better than no poems. It’s progress. If you read me on facebook, you’ve seen most of them there.

I think that about sums up what I meant to say. At least I hope so. I got distracted answering angry texts from my daughter. I just love it when one of my kids tells me, IN WRITING, that I am a crazy person.