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So, it’s 2014. How did that even happen? If you are like me you have spent some time in the past couple of weeks thinking about your life in general and specific. You’ve probably made a list of things you want to change or improve, even if it’s only a mental list. One of the things I want to improve this year is cash flow. I have other goals and intentions, and we will get to them over the coming days, but I wanted to get this one done first for a couple of reasons. The most important is that I want to earn a little bit of money *every day* in 2014. And for it to happen every day, it has to start on the first, yes? Yes.

Also, you will note that I took a picture of actual money so that I could talk about it. That’s something else I want to do every day: take a picture. Some of you may remember my old blog digicass, and the photo a day. The blog is long gone, but the photo idea is still a good one, so. Project 365, anyone? Or here. Or here. Or hell, all three. Rumor has it there are even apps for this, and I will probably look for one later. It could happen, because Lord knows. Social Media is king, right?

Ok, back to the money part. Ya’ll know I have a love/hate relationship with money. I consider it a tool, a means to an end. The end, for me, is comfort and lack of stress. This year, I have another end. I am moving. Now, I am moving for many reasons, and those are beyond the scope of this blog post. But I don’t yet have financing for this move, and it’s going to take a nice chunk of change. And that’s why I intend to earn a bit of money everyday. Part of that will be a return to blogging, using this platform as a vocal microphone. Like singing for my supper, only typing instead. I want to pad my paypal account so that in June, when I am ready to go, I have the funds to do so. BTW, the padding part won’t be so hard. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised to learn that I have misplaced my paypal card. Yep, can’t spend the money. So, there’s that. I know it’s here somewhere. I activated the damn thing. I distinctly remember doing so. But after that? Who knows.

So, enough about that. I want to talk about something else now. Before I meditated this morning, I read a bit of Peace is Every Step. Thich Nhat Hanh reminded me that I am what I feel and perceive. Now, I knew that I was going to be blogging as soon as I was done, so perhaps I should not have read until after the meditation, because my brain started chewing on that. It was hard to still my mind. Sheep bouncing alllll over the meadow. I had to repeatedly bring myself back to the pillow, the beads, the candle. His words resonated. How often do I feel stressed? Pressured? Broke? How often do I perceive evil, malicious intent on the part of others? According to the law of attraction, when I allow myself to continue in those feelings and perceptions, I am actually drawing more of the same to me. Let’s stop that, okay? What I want to feel is calm, loving, provided for, safe. What I want to perceive is goodness and joy. That’s what I choose.

I can hear some of you now: I can’t help what I think and feel. Yes, you can. It’s not always easy, but it can be done, and it is a very profitable exercise. It changes your locus of control. It empowers you to set intention to change the things that you do not like. And intention….intention is a very powerful thing. Intention is what sets change in motion. Intention changes circumstances. And even if we cannot change external circumstances, the ability to change the impact they have on our internal lives is valuable.

Wow. Guess I had stuff to say. And I feel like I have barely scraped the surface. But I guess I need to save something for the next 364 days, right? I’ll try to be a little more lightweight tomorrow, but I ain’t making no promises.


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