And here we have yarn


You didn’t think I’d get very far into a new year with out setting forth a fiber agenda, did you? Starting at the bottom left, running clockwise

  • gauntlets for a friend
  • pocketed scarf for my friend to be
  • two containers of sock yarn to go into Hocks, and Hocks itself. This will be the year. Because wool blanket. And Maryland. And it’s time.
  • A long-sleeved, ribbed, turtleneck sweater for me that only needs 1.75 sleeves and a collar. This will be the year for that, too. Because wool sweater. And Maryland. And it’s time.
  • The remaining merino from my trip to the alpaca farm. Nope, I don’t have any plans for it yet beyond spinning, but I am sure I will think of something.
  • A cowl for me, that I started this fall, a bit over halfway done.
  • Socks, also for me. Long ones. Like, thigh high. Maybe even tights. Because legs need wool in Maryland.

I don’t have a real order for these things. The gauntlets need to be done while it is still winter, so they will be started within the next few days. They scarf needs to be done by the first of May. I foresee some pleasant time watching Classic Dr. Who and playing with needles and yarn. (Oh, did I fail to mention that I am now a Whovian? Yep. That happened.)

Honestly, I am not sure there is enough here to keep me busy for a year. But I am pretty sure there is enough to keep me occupied for about six months. That means I can probably pack up the rest of my (now seriously depleted) stash. And my swift. And my ball winder. Do I need to tell you that it feels strange to even consider walking into my room and not seeing those things? But everything I pack now is something I don’t have to pack later.

Speaking of Maryland. I hear sweater season lasts more than 40 days. That’s a benefit my knitterly self is happy with. There is something very satisfying about snuggling myself into layers of warm woolen things that I made for me. It’s warming from inside and out. Double warm. “Thank you, I made it myself,” is still one of my favorite things to say. That, and “yes, I will have dessert.”

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about fiber today. I briefly considered telling you the stories that go with each of these projects, but I figure it might be better to wait until I get the things done.

I’m tired and grumpy. I didn’t sleep well. My shoulder is giving me eighteen fits. And I had to go out and run errands. But I got my degree audit fixed. It now says “>>>> ALL REQUIREMENTS COMPLETED – IN-PROCESS COURSES USED <<<<." I might have burst into tears when I saw that. You know, I've mentioned wool gauntlets that need knitting. I've mentioned Dr. Who. I'm thinking that tonight might be a good night for that combination. And Bigelow's Constant Comment tea. Which is the awesome, and if you haven't tried it, you should.