That’s Tight


So, this is what I did today. I wrote out my schedule for the next few months. This ought to carry me, with minor tweaks as I see what works and what doesn’t, through the end of April. Yeah, how crazy is it to think that classes end April 29? I’ll be done with my undergrad career at that point. As a further aside, the other thing of note I have done today is to officially submit my grad school app. Had to wait on the payment to clear for that, but it did, so I did, and there’s that. Now it truly is a waiting game.

I have a few problems with this schedule. First, it’s full. Very full. Except for Sundays, it’s full from 5am until 10pm. That is a lot of fullness. Way more fullness than I have had this past month. But then again, I was just whining yesterday about how I wasn’t getting anything done. That changes on Monday. Well, actually it changes tomorrow. Since I have written it, I might as well start using it, right?

The other thing I dislike is that it starts at 5am. Ugh! I have been trying to make myself into a morning person since I went into the army in 1985. I was 17 years old. It hasn’t happened yet, and I think we can safely say, 29 years later, it probably isn’t going to happen. One day, I hope to gift myself with a schedule that starts around 10am. It can go until 2am, and I am good with that. That’s the schedule to which I naturally default when allowed. Surely there would be sufficient clientele to support an afternoon/evening practice, right?

Here’s what I do like: I managed to block out time to meditate and time to write and time to exercise plus shower. Although I did shake my head a bit over the fact that I am now showering in mid-afternoon, but, hey, whatever gets things done. I hate going to bed with wet hair, and I refuse to blow it dry, and mornings are full, so there ya go. Since I also refuse to go out in public after exercising but before showering, we’ll just go with what works. In my dream life, this all happens in the morning before I leave the house, but the dream life will have to wait at least until I don’t have to get kids up and out the door for school twice each morning. I can do other things during that time, of course, but not things that require any sort of concentrated, uninterruptable effort.

There is one thing seriously missing from this schedule, and that is watching Classic Dr. Who. Perhaps I can squeeze an episode in between 8 and 9 most evenings. They are only 25 minutes long, and it will only take me 15 minutes to get cleaned up on those nights. That watching time will also be my knitting time, which is also missing from the schedule. Ya’ll want me to have that, because I get cranky when I don’t knit.

Hey, that would still leave me 20 minutes to solve world hunger!

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  1. An evening practice would be brilliant. My biggest challenge in therapy so far has been getting time off work to go to appointments. Plus, who wants to talk about feelings at 9 am? Is sleepy a feeling?

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