A day in which there was little excitement


I slept late. I went to four different stores to do the grocery shopping. I made the menu once I got home. The shopping, after several days of doing mostly nothing else except cough and sleep, wore me out. So I drank hot tea, and then we had dinner. During dinner we watched two episodes of Quantum Leap because I didn’t have sufficient brain power to choose a Saturday Night Flick. Nor apparently enough brain power to remember until this very minute that I have several lined up for us in Netflix and Crackle for just such circumstances. The other thing I didn’t remember is that the DVD player is now in the living room, and so there were NEW movies we could have watched.

I worked on my socks. As you can see, they do not match. Same dyelot my arse. The ball bands LIE. I knew something was up when I had to roll one ball up backwards from the way I was using the other to get something that even approximated “like.” I shall make two pairs. Not that I want two pairs this similar, but. You know, whatever. Gifts. Somebody has to have feet as small as mine, right?

There will not be 500 words tonight. But I took a picture. Two in fact. And I wrote some. I am calling it done.