It’s Monday


Today is Monday, or long day as I call it, because I am on the fly until 9 pm. But. Apparently, we are having snowpocolypse for the next two days. The area public schools have already cancelled classes; my boss told me she wasn’t expecting me; and the lone hold out is a professor who told us the first day we sat in her class that if there was a flake in the air, she did not drive. So. Two days off, in which I would like to plan to get things done, but accept that is unlikely to happen. Unless I plan to sit around with my kids, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies. So maybe I will plan to do that, so I can enjoy the days instead of being frustrated at them and myself. Yes, ok. That’s the plan. And some laundry. I am out of long pajama pants.

As you can see, I wore a scarf today. This one I picked up on sale when I got the makings for the giftings I spoke about a few days ago. I wear black a lot, so it is perfect for me. I love scarves, because they just make an outfit look finished. I have bunches of them. I know exactly two ways to wear them. I need scarf classes. Or an intervention. Or a scarf class intervention.

Today at work was interesting. I feel almost as disoriented and overwhelmed as I did the first week I was there. I mean, I was back one and a half days and then got sick. I hit the ground running, though, and ended up doing quite a bit. As soon as we realized the weather was going to be a major factor in the week’s events, I started on assessments. I think I kicked about 10 of those out. I picked up two new people for one-to-one visits. There were conversations with my supervisor about this and that.

This: she is organizing a child care thing for our employees for Wednesday. See, that’s the beauty of social work to me–seeing a need and meeting it. Our employees can’t call out, but they also can’t leave their kids unattended. So, she’s doing something to help. Holistic care, even for the staff.

That: anticipatory grief in staff.

The other thing I did at work today was to sit with residents in memory care, listen to Bach, and draw. Yeah, I get to do cool stuff like that and call it work.

Here’s something. I really enjoy classical music. I don’t listen to it often. We don’t do that here, because classical is musty and fusty and if you enjoy it you are a hoity-toity snot who has gotten above your raising. But. It’s beautiful. You sit, you listen, and your soul frolics within you. So, no more paucity for me. There will be music and it will be classical. I can use Songza to listen to the different composers. I can say I am researching for work if anyone asks.

Oh, look. UNCW just sent a mass text. All classes/events cancelled tomorrow. So guilt free hot chocolate and movies for the win.