Sorting day


So, today I started the green socks. I needed a size 8 circular needle for that, and when I dug into my needle bin, this is what I found. Now, my daughter and I both knit, and when we are through with a project, we (obviously) just toss the needles back in the bin. So, I had to sort them all out before I started, and do you know what I didn’t find? A size 8. As I recall, I only have one of those anyway, and she must have it in a project. No big deal, I’m using a 7 and knitting on. I’m doing two at a time on one circ, toe up. I’m midway through the first toe. Pic when I have enough to show.

The other thing I sorted today was time. I have some travel dates coming up, and I needed to sort out where I am going to be when and with whom. That went well, and as soon as Brunswick County lets us know when they plan to have their make-up days, I will be able to finalize things for sure, for sure. I’m hoping to be able to tack on at least one more fly by overnight with a girlfriend in all this running back and forth.

Which brings me around to the concept of building a house. Several months ago, I passed a big yellow house with a for sale sign in the yard. Driving by, I had a real affinity for it, and so the next time I passed it, I stopped and peeked in the windows. The house ended up being sold before I could get inside to see it, but … there was this visionary flash associated with it. I saw a thing there, a potential. And not long after that, I discussed a different idea with that same flavor with That One. And after that, X’s in a circle, which I posted about, and which was directly related to that same yellow house. And then more recently a similar concept came up in conversation with That Manâ„¢. And more recently yet, that word “house” has come up with someone else. Apparently, I’m to do something with this concept of building a house, and I do not necessarily mean a wood and brick structure. I’m not quite sure yet exactly what I do mean. But there it is, and I will let my mind chew on it while I go about other things, and one day I will get some clarity on it, probably while I am folding the laundry or taking a shower. That’s how this stuff works for me. The universe clears it’s throat in my ear repeatedly. I finally notice and start to pay attention, and then sometime later: answer. I’ve learned to just go with it. It’s just easier if I don’t fight and also don’t push for clarity; if I cooperate with the “need to know basis” with which information is dispensed from the great information (with)holding place.

Alright, that’s all I have for today. Go do something else now.