Packed Lunch!

So, I packed lunch today. There is is. Also breakfast. And on the way to work it hit me that I am trying to switch my sleep schedule, but my *eat* schedule is still pegged to a 10am to 2am routine. For those of you keeping track, that’s a five hour offset. Do you think that maybe that would account for some of the tiredness? A little of it? All I know so far is that I drank that smoothie at 9 and ate lunch at 1 and I don’t feel like I’m dying over here.

Another of today’s insights: I am such a different person than most of my extended family recognizes. Sitting in social work classes, learning to help people see their own strengths, and how to encourage them to use those strengths to empower themselves has been wildly effective for me personally.

Well that, and the decision to live like I am dying. We all are, you know. This is not a dress rehearsal. You won’t get another run through to be happy and love fiercely. Do it now.