This is what my bed looks like when I switch phones. I woke up this morning to a dead furnace and had to go out and find a heater. There were no heaters at Wal-Mart. They sold out during the ice storm and instead of restocking, they are filling that spot with box fans for spring. People, the high was around 40 today. Likewise, the first hardware store. BUT! At the second hardware store the guy sold me a rocking 1000 square foot heater that has raised the temp in here from 60 to 68 since I got home with it about 5 hours ago. And he gave me a hefty discount.

What Wal-Mart did have was phones. Since I had to delete personal stuff I actually use in order to make enough space to render my old phone HIPPA and HITECH compliant, I bought a new one. My wallet is whining, but I told it to just be quiet, because I am sending the bill to my future career. It’s turned on and set up, and I have room for both security and the apps I use for daily living, school, and work. So there’s that.

I still can’t get any of my mobile devices to post to the blog for me. This is going to be a problem if I don’t get it figured out before I travel. I’ll still Project 365, I just may not be able to post the photos daily. As it stands now, I lift the picture from my tumblr and paste it in to write, but…I need the computer to do that, and I’m usually not traveling with the computer. That’s what mobile devices are for. So, I’ll look into it. but I am not counting on much, particularly since even the new phone, with the freshly installed app, balked. Aggravation and tarnation.