Sharing is Caring


Well, lookie there! It’s my cousin sitting on my throne! I let her do that because it hurts her back less than my other chairs and sharing is caring. You may also note the new lamp behind the chair. I got the “natural light” bulbs for it, and let me tell you, that sucker is bright! Just the one bulb lights up the entire living room. I like it!

Today was Sunday, and so we did what has become “our thing.” She and her husband came over around noon, and he watched the kids while she and I went out for a bit to do some shopping. We came back and made dinner, and then we ate and played a game. Today it was Yahtzee. Sometimes we watch a movie instead of games. Either way, we all, including the kids, have a great time. Well, except for today. The baby girls did not have fun today because they still have not finished cleaning their room, which I told them to clean yesterday. I guess when they are ready to join in what the rest of us are doing, they will get done with that small task. For the record, I did feed them. I just want that to be clear.

Nowhere near the 500 words today, but I am stopping. It’s Sunday, after all. Plus, I want some chips and salsa. Priorities.