6/365/2015 Snow Day


I woke up this morning at the normal school/work day time, only to find out that the kids were on a two hour delay. By the time I picked up the phone to text my boss at 8am, there was a notification that school had been cancelled entirely. Luckily, the boss said the weather was awful and it was bad driving and not to worry about trying to make it in. Interning has its perks, and by the time I am working a real job, the kids ought to be old enough to look after themselves for a few hours on no-school-but-mom-has-to-work days. Probably under threat of death and dismemberment, but whatever.

I threw on a huge pot of hamburger with tomatoes and seasonings to make into chili and tacos and nachos, and my house has smelled delicious all day. We’ve eaten from it twice today, and there are a few more meals worth in there still. I love a good planned-over. I just need to figure out how to fit it in the fridge.

I thumbed through a couple more big, fat art books.

I encountered more memories that made me smile, and I thought about what it means when I knit for someone. On the whole, I am glad I have knitted for those I have knit for, and really very pleased that I didn’t knit for those I thought I should knit for and didn’t.

I dealt with a medical mishap.
I told someone I loved them because of their wonderful attitude.
I made plans for another adventure. I love adventures. So much dopamine.

I read this afternoon that Nicholas Sparks has separated from his wife of 25 years. Call me a sarcastic bitch, but my first thought was, “Well, maybe he can write some books with depth now.” That’s mean, I guess. But real life doesn’t work like those romance novels. Sometimes you do everything right, and it still blows up in your face. I firmly believe that the laws of cause and effect are often suspended when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Which segues nicely into a conversation I had this evening about letting go of outcomes. Because I can’t control what other people do. All I can control is what *I* do. And once I know I have put my very best into a situation or relationship, I need to let things go and let them be what they will.

Here’s something else I ought to do, unrelated to anything I have already talked about today. I need to stop expecting people who have shown an inability or refusal to really think through what they accept as normal and right to start thinking about whether what they consider to be normal and right is actually the correct thing to do/way to be. Because they won’t. Because their hearts are hard and their necks are stiff. Their pointer fingers are also usually out, but that’s just my opinion and not a Biblical reference, and I really can’t say a whole lot about that since I am pointing pretty hard myself right now. Sigh. See sarcastic bitch above.

I should go look at more art books, now, having unloaded my stream of daily consciousness on the unsuspecting public. But hey! You clicked!