24/365/2015 Ahhh, that’s better!


And it’s only needed doing since I moved in here! I’m pleased with today’s effort, but a little confused about where I stashed the wicker basket that had all my hair sticks in it. I’m sure it’s here somewhere, right?

I noticed on the Timehop App that today in 2014 I printed off the essay Self-Reliance because a friend told me it had a profound effect on him. I plan on reading it this evening, finally. *tongue in cheek* Given subsequent events, it’s apparently a really instructive read. *snort* Sometimes I slay me. *mock serious face* Smartassery will be the death of me yet.

I got a notice in the mail today that my youngest child owes the library 60something bucks. Apparently it was an error to let them all get their own cards. I didn’t think we were that organized. I’m sure it’s for books that we forgot to turn in and that the books are still here. But yikes!

Okay, I have sat here for a bit and thought about the day. I got nothing else that I want to share with John Q. Public, so I guess it’s time to shut up. On to the reading and knitting section of my day.