27/365/2015 Germanesque


Jager Scnitzel, kartoffelsalat, rotkohl. It’s what’s for dinner. I’m attempting to make a lower fat version by sautéing the meat and then putting in the oven to finish cooking as opposed to frying it, and making a light mushroom and onion sauce instead of a full-on gravy. Also, the bacon is for the salat, and it only takes a smidge.

In other kitcheny news, I have decided, after slicing the potatoes for the kartoffelsalat, that I need a mandolin. Not the music kind. The cutting kind. I said it was kitchen news!

I got my life schedule for this semester pretty much settled today. Of course, I mucked it up right away by not being at work today, which means I will have to work Friday, but such things cannot be helped. I don’t need to pass to my residents whatever went through me yesterday.

I’m trying to think if there is anything else I want to tell John Q. Public tonight and I am coming up blank. Toodles!