46/365/2015 Use It or Lose It


I might have purchased more food than I had time through the week to prepare. However! Since I took this picture a couple of hours ago, I have turned this mound of edible merchandise into chicken with wild rice and mushrooms; roasted root vegetables; green bean stir-fry; fried cabbage; and potato, leek, and mushroom soup. Dinner this week will mostly involve reheating this food. We did lose a dish of raw broccoli along with a bag of Brussels sprouts, and I admit that I tossed some of the fennel stems and fronds. I do have a bag of carrots left that I will use in some way, but I am sure they will hold until near the end of the week. The fridge is no longer filled to the brim (though that will change when I get all the freshly prepared food in there) and we’re eating the last of the leftover Chinese food from the birthday party before I allow us to dig in to the new goodies. It’s good to live at my house for the next few days!

The weather has turned bitterly cold here, and is projected to stay that way all week. It’s also very windy, but hopefully that will pass. I’m hoping the van will start in the morning after tonight’s forecasted low, as I have a presentation and a quiz tomorrow. I should get some work and studying done for those things, respectively. Sigh. I’d rather work on my new socks.