120/364/2015 About the Great Library Project

“The Hot Shelf”image

So, with school ending I’m about to enter “life as we know it.” By this I mean I will have time to do the things I like to do: read, write, craft, cook, etc. If you’ve seen the pics over the last couple of weeks, it’s been apparent that I began preparation for this by purging both craft items and books. I managed to get the craft and cooking books squared away over the past couple of days, but I still have roughly 1,000 books without an assigned home. I have no illusions that I will get all 1,000 plus books READ this summer. But I do want to get them all somewhat organized, like with like. I could live with that.

Oh, I started a “professional shelf,” too. And the poetry is all in one place. Maybe it’s not as bad as I thought…. Anyway, this is the “hot shelf.” I went through the house today and grabbed back all the things that grabbed me as I scanned the shelves. The goal is to read through this shelf at a good clip, and then re-fill it. Repeatedly. As I read, I will sort and/or discard. But the main point is: NO MORE BOOKS until this shelf is empty. I should really say no more books until all the books in the house are sorted. But. I know me, and that is a harsher punishment than I will inflict upon myself.

I will start with the ones that are turned over in the bookcase because they are too tall for the shelf. I hate that, a turned over book. It makes my inner librarian cringe. Speaking of librarians, I’ve decided not to get engraved brass plaques to label my shelves. At this time. But there might be some masking tape involved along the line.

There ya go. Actual words. Nothing life changing. But words. It’s a start.

P.S. Today, I finally finished Atwood’s The Edible Woman. I dropped it right on the pile that’s going to The BookThing.