164/364/2015 Was Not Enthused


But I did it anyway. I walked 3693 steps this morning. I only needed 3500 and there are hours left in the day. Many hours. This is the fourth day of the challenge and first day I have not been excited to walk. Of course, that could be because I have more than doubled the required steps each previous day. In fact, yesterday I was almost 10K, which is the ultimate goal of the 30 days. Some folks around me expressed surprise that I was heading out again today, and the temptation to not go was strong. But I reminded myself that the real point of the challenge is to increase my activity level, and I need to be consistent if I am going to instill the habit. So I went. This challenge is more about fitness for me than the actual step count.

By the way, there is also filthy lucre involved. I picked up my first reward on Friday. I’m not showing it to you until I have earned it, but it’s sitting there, still in it’s packaging, luring me on to do the things in the book. I haven’t yet had a day where I earned 100 points. I’m hanging in at 75-80 per day, and I am pleased with that. For now. And I can have my first prize in another 270 points. That could be as early as midweek.

I have noticed that I am not spending as much time reading as I would like. And that my yoga practice has all but disappeared. I’m rectifying the latter today with a 4pm class at the Y. It’s about prioritizing, and at this time, my biggest priority is not looking like a marshmallow anymore. It would be nice to finish my schooling at the same weight I started it, but that would require about a pound a day, and that’s probably not the healthiest way to go about things.

Gotta run, the cousins are here!