2. Truth


These are my children. Aren’t they lovely?

Here’s a thing that should never be done to children: no one should ever try to turn them against their parent. If their parent sucks badly enough, the kids will eventually figure it out themselves.

Here’s another thing that should never be done to children, even after they are grown: their soft white under-belly should never be exposed to others.

People who do those things need to be excised like a cancer.

And here’s a thing about communication: you can’t complain about the lack of it if you delete or ignore it when you get it.

And here’s a thing about passive-aggressiveness: I’m better at it, and I’ve just raised the bar. In public. Because my attempts at direct private communication have not been acknowledged, and I’m calling you out.

3 thoughts on “2. Truth

  1. I can only imagine the level of white hot fury you have around this. Though I have gone through the feelings of utter betrayal when a family member intentionally sets out to do me harm. Due to having next to no hope of being heard or having this person realize how righteously f*#%ed up their behavior was to me I saw no other recourse but to sever my connection with them. And that connection stayed severed until the day they died. I have not the slightest regret about that decision. Life is both too long and too short to suffer the abuse of people that neither value you or respect you. Even if they are “family”. Especially so I think. I hope you are able to find a way of protecting both you and your children from the venomous self serving behavior of those that don’t have it within them to love all of you in the way you deserve. I’m sure you will be strong because you are a soldier with unwavering devotion to those you love. And I am sure you will prevail because you my love were not born to lose. <3 <3 <3

  2. Comment acknowledged. I’ve typed two responses and erased them both. So, apparently “acknowledged” is the best I’m going to be able to come up with. Except to say, I am not angry. I haven’t been angry in this relationship for quite some time. Sucker punched, betrayed etc, sure. But not angry.

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