3. A Process of Elimination


This, boys and girls, is one side of my closet. I turned all the hangers around backwards today, and then I counted (both sides): 234 items that are hanging or could hang. That’s a lot of clothes. That’s TOO MANY clothes, because they won’t all fit in a closet designed for two people. I could probably get by with half that many. But half is too big a thing to do in just one day, so I settled on just pulling out a few things that didn’t make me smile anymore.

Just a few.

You know, as a start.

In less than five minutes, I had eliminated 24 items. Yeah, you read that right, 10% of my hanging wardrobe is packed into a box for Goodwill. And that’s in addition to the stuff I have eliminated in the past couple of months. It’s not enough, because all the stuff I want to hang still won’t fit in the closet.

If I were wiser and more dedicated, I would put that shit on hangers and just get rid of things until all that I was keeping fit. But I am not as wise and dedicated as all that, and 10% is enough for today. Although…. No, I’m done with clothes for today. I think.

P.S. I turned all my shoes toe out, too.