16 of 52….First exception

Or, How I Came To Find Myself In My Local Quilt Store In Spite Of “Not Needing Any Fabric.”  Yeah, even after asked my partner to help hold me accountable.  Because I also created an exception clause.  If I need fabric to complete a project that I’m using current stash for, I am allowed to buy fabric.  So I did.  Buy fabric I mean.  But only 2.5 yards to create sashing and borders for these blocks I cut out yesterday and today from Fabric Fair goodness .

These are going to be the center of the back for the top I showed you over the weekend, and I hope to start sewing after I get home today.  And yes, I will need MORE fabric.  I’ve accounted for about 56 x 75 inches, give or take 10 inches on each dimension, and I have to get to 88 x 88 plus enough extra to load it onto a longarm for quilting.

On third thought, there might not be much sewing.  I have a LOT of strips to cut, and I need to decide if I want them 1.5 inches or 2 inches before I start.