19 of 52….I Got Nothing

It’s true.  I got (basically) nothing.

On Sunday: I finished a book.  It was good, and took far too long to read.  I think it would have been even better if I’d read it quicker.

On Monday: I worked, went for an ultrasound, watched half a movie, knit, had a brandy and went to bed.

On Tuesday:  I worked, ordered 3 charm packs in lime green and black*, along with a pattern and template, cut 1.5 inch strips for my current quilt, watched half of a different movie, knit, had a brandy, went to bed.

On Wednesday:  I worked, knit, had a brandy, went to bed.  No movie at all.

Now it’s Thursday.  Probably gonna finish one of those movies, have a brandy, and go to bed.

I’m waiting on my food sensitivity results, which are currently processing.  I’m going to guess, based on the fact that I ate a slice of pizza on Monday and did not die, that I am probably NOT sensitive to all grains and all dairy.  Based on recent symptomology, I’m thinking soy, corn, and a nut or two.  I should have some sort of answer in the next few days.  In the meantime, I have not added foods back into my eating plan.  The pizza was a one-off, born of sad, tired, despair.  I was tired from a long day, and sad because my stomach was hurting AGAIN even though I had not had any forbidden foods.  So yeah, I pretty much said “fuck it.”  And that pizza was so good.  One slice.  So good.

See, that’s it.  (Basically) Nothing.

*Yes, I have a plan for the charms, and for the finished quilt.  No, I didn’t start with fabric in my stash.  I don’t have anything I think this recipient will enjoy.