23 of 52….Shit got done

Warning, many pictures ahead! It was a very productive weekend.

Project 1: Run seams around the edges of this top to prepare it for the longarm.

Project 2A: Rip out these 15 year old lines of quilting to prepare this quilt for the longarm. The backing could not be saved. I’m not heartbroken, it was just polyester sheeting.

Project 3A: Self-bind my first quilt.

Project 4A: Bind this quilt in a fairly normal way.

Project 2B: Piece newly acquired backing for 15 year old quilt.

Projects 3B and 4B: Wash and dry the completed quilts.

Project 5: Self-designed top for Kudzu. Step 1:

Completed top:

Project 6: The eternal scarf. I’m on the last stripe.

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