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There has been knitting almost every day this week, and a big push yesterday. Here’s 15 feet of Fourth Doctor Scarf, with about 300 rows to go. If I’m super productive, it will be finished when you next see it.

There has also been reading. I finished Ella Minnow Pea, and started Illusions. It’s fairly short, so I expect to finish it this week as well. I’ve got longer books in my queue, but the shorter ones give me an early feeling of accomplishment which will help keep me motivated. Also, I promised my neighbor I’d get to this one quickly and pass it on to him.

There is no visual highlight for this week, which is not to say good things didn’t happen, just that they weren’t photographable. We’re talking about the gardens, weekend getaways, and how to find good work/home/relationship balance. And we’re trying to teach three teenagers and a preteen the arts of negotiation and consensus building. Wish us luck on that!

There has also been a bit of sadness. My second cat died a couple of days ago, two months after the first one. I’m not planning to re-catify. I need to focus on training the rude out of my dog.

Test post

Because I’m thinking about blogging again after an 18plus month hiatus, so I need to check things.

21. Reading Day; Experiment Update


The schools were on a two hour delay, so after delightful morning coffee and connection, I sorted through the stacked up mail, cooked breakfast for the kids, and made another pass through the house. It was a small collection today: a bottle of perfume and a stack of clothes I had pulled out of the closet several days ago. I think I am truly at the read it up, craft it up, see if I wear it up point of the purge. It’s a nice place to be.

I spent the rest of the school day reading this bit of fluff. It was quick and fun, and it counts as a book. I am not ashamed.

Last night’s experiment was overnight oatmeal. Basically you combine equal parts steel-cut or rolled oats and milk, with whatever seasonings you like– mix it, cover it, and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, heat it up and viola! Breakfast. I used almond milk, a tbsp of monkfruit in the raw, a shake or two of apple pie spice. This morning, after heating, I added chopped apples and roasted pecans.

I liked it. But. I will increase the liquid just a bit. And I will not use monkfruit. It is nasty and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I didn’t like it when I tried it in my coffee six months ago; I don’t like it in my oatmeal; I understand now why it was on clearance is in the trash can. When I want sugar, I will just use sugar. This is going to be a go-to breakfast for me. One cup of raw oatmeal and half an apple held me from 8:30 am until after 2. That’s a winner.

1. New Year, New Calendar


New Year, New Calendar, right? The word for the day is Promethean, which can mean creative, defiant, or agonizing. I am often creative, frequently defiant, and my humor usually causes agony for those around me. I guess this is as good a word as any to start the year with. BTW, none of you is surprised that I should choose this particular calendar are you?

Speaking of words, let me just give in to the hype and select a word for the year. Mine will be….joy? I almost want to say “right livelihood” but that’s two words and the end product of right livelihood is joy. Notice I did not say happiness. I haven’t confused those two words in a long time. They mean entirely different things.

I do not have a set of goals to post for this year. I’ve been busy enough that I haven’t actually set out to make the list yet. Besides, I made a list in July for my birthday and have yet to sit down and see how I am progressing. I’m making excuses, aren’t I? Oops.

Ahem. Goals. Ok, so on December 4 I wrote this: WHOA!! What just happened here? And on the 15th, this: Minus 23- Bet You Didn’t See That Coming! I think together, those two posts add up to “quit procrastinating and build the life you want to love.” That’s enough of a goal, I think. Though I should probably…oops, not should. No more should. Though it would make it easier to measure if I wrote an accurate depiction of what some of those vaguer items look like to me.

Also: one in, two out. Like with everything. As in, I bought a new cardigan today that I will most often be wearing as a shirt…and eliminated two other shirts from the closet. Same must happen for books and shoes and craft supplies and…and…and.

Oh, and this, that I have re-posted every year since I wrote it. Because every year, it is still true.

“In 2013 2016, I want to love so wide and so deep that others float peacefully in the sea of me, and so thick that when they rise to walk away, drops of it cling to their skin reminding them that I am waiting with arms and heart wide open.”

Happy New Year, Lovelies.

357/362/2015 Today I…


Got mud on my hiking boots for the first time in I can’t remember when.
Met new people.
Screamed with delight.
Laughed with joy.
Squirmed with pleasure.
Toured downtown Gettysburg.
Made a decision.
It was a damned good day.

261/364/2015 Speaking My Language

Beer flights and German food.


254/364/2015 Wegman’s for Dinner


176/364/2015 Early Squirrel


Saw this little guy on my walk this morning.