32/365/2015 Let’s Get This Party Started




It’s Super Bowl Sunday, ya’ll.

26/365/2015 View from the 4th Floor


Two classes down, one to go.   I’m exhausted. My stomach is in an uproar. It won’t snow like they promised.

On the other hand, I’ve climbed the stairs instead of taking the elevator all day.  That’s 13 flights up so far.  With a heavy backpack.   No need to count the down flights – – they’re just too easy.

22/365/2015 I Feel So Organized


I had a vomiter this morning, which meant I was home unexpectedly. I attacked the foyer closet, because it needed it, and then I went after mine. I sorted some things out for the thrift store. I put some stuff away until late spring. I put some warm woolies where they would be even more accessible, and I put the rest in some semblance of order. I can actually start at the front right and work my way around the closet dressing myself in the order in which I usually pick out my clothes, instead of trying to match stuff from one side to the other. I think it will work better for me. I did have to stop once and take my temperature when I put three pairs of shoes in the thrift bag. I got the remaining footwear out of the floor and where they belong.

I also cooked, hands down, the tenderest chops that I have ever made. I braised them in just a touch of olive oil and then put them in the oven to finish cooking. They were melt in the mouth divine. I served those with fennel and cabbage sauteed and then steamed together (adding apple quarters at the end at the end of the cooking time), and wild rice. If you didn’t eat with me tonight, I feel sorry for ya!

That’s all I have for today. No deep thoughts, just stuff that needed doing and got done. It’s been a good one.

11/365/2015 I’m Learning Something Here


My kids have learned to play Dominoes at the after school program they attend, and now they are teaching me. It’s a more complicated game than I thought. I’m liking it.

You wanna know what else I am liking? Football. Yeah, I know, that’s crazy talk.

When I was a child, I thought as a child and I (un)spake as a child. But when I became a grown-ass woman of 47, I realized that just because silence during tv (and meals and breathing) was the rule in my childhood home, I didn’t have to keep living that way. And I realized that just because a man watching sports alone and silently was something I witnessed throughout childhood, that didn’t mean all men did it that way.

Now I watch, sometimes with an explainer, and sometimes just with my kids. And I am here to tell you, we were robbed in the third quarter last night by some BS calls. And nobody had to explain that part to me–I figured it out all by myself.

I’m understanding more why men gather with friends to watch the game that is playing on their own tv at home. Because football watching is more fun as a group activity. And this, boys and girls, is how I’ve moved from a Super Bowl watcher to a … well, fan may be too strong a word, but tolerater is definitely not strong enough.

Start of an art: Saturday


I’ll work on this again, but I have to wait for the glue to dry first.

Please! Go Fund Me!

Well then


Behold my rumpled bed and the homework I am trying to do in it between naps. I really hope to be back on schedule with the words tomorrow.

Guest Post–Cognac: A collision of cultures

People have been enjoying cognac for hundreds of years, and this complex tipple is still a hit with drinkers. A type of brandy made in the region surrounding the town of Cognac in France, it must be produced from at least 90 percent ugni blanc, folle blanche or colombard grapes. The remaining ten percent can be made from ten further selected grape varieties. However, most cognac is made solely from ugni blanc grapes. It’s also worth noting that the beverage must be distilled twice in copper pot stills and then aged for at least two and a half years in oak barrels in order to be considered official.

When people think of cognac, they often conjure up images of middle-aged men sitting around the fireplace with a glass in one hand and a cigar in the other. It’s certainly true that the drink has bags of traditional appeal.

However, a younger generation are also now reaching for this iconic brandy. In 2001, hiphop artists Busta Rhymes and P. Diddy released a song entitled Pass the Courvoisier, bringing cognac to the attention of young music fans around the world. Other artists to have mentioned the tipple include Ja Rule, 2 Pac, Snoop Doggy Dogg and LL Cool J.

Both nostalgic and new cocktails are another option making cognac trendy for the younger crowd. For example, by adding the brandy to Grand Marnier, lemon juice, and ice cubes, people can create the delicious Baby Doll. For the best results, the lip of the glass should be sugared. The brandy can also be combined with champagne, bitters and sugar and served in an elegant champagne flute.

Traditionalists tend to sip the beverage from tulip or balloon shaped glasses after warming it up using the heat of their hands. This can help to release the aromas and bring out the full flavor. However, some younger cognacs are specially created to be consumed chilled. But thankfully, there’s no right or wrong way to drink cognac. Given the widespread appeal of cognac and its versatility, it seems likely that it will remain a hit with drinkers of all ages and persuasions for the foreseeable future.