242/364/2015 Step By Step

Took my cousin to some of our favorite places for an early birthday date today.  Bought her a few goodies,  and these for myself.  Finally,  step by step art instructions!  I’m ready to move beyond coloring,  though I did get one coloring book. Look out Christmas art supplies.  You’re finally gonna get some air!


233/364/2015 They’re Ready!


182/364/2015 Ultimate Test

Of new to me Italian leather shoes: put them on and walk five thousand steps to the train station.  They passed.


126/364/2015 After a Year of Spinning

I finally bought an instruction manual.  So,  this is not a book. Just to be clear.


122/364/2015 The Haul


So I told my companion that the fiber that was supposed to be mine would let me know.   I looked through several buildings before I found these at a tent by the sheep dog demo.   Beautiful colors,  some fiber I haven’t worked with before, and it was at a good price.

This is why I’m now in the market for a wheel.

119/364/2015 Did You Know


You ca


order from Best Buy online and pick up in-store? Covetousness satisfied!

108/364/2015 Colorful Kid Shoes


I took the kids shoe shopping yesterday, and since these were in the kid section, I technically only bought kid shoes.  However,  these are mine, and I now have shoes to go with all the clothes I didn’t have shoes for.  Plus cute shoe liners. 

I’m in love with color! Especially when it comes from the kid section, which is half the price of the women’s section.