310/364/2015 Because Green


288/364/2015 Prepared For the Drive Home


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260/364/2015 All Good Problem To Have

I need to adapt my financial planning to  biweekly instead of semiannual.


161/364/2015 Not To Be Wasted

Inside this book are a bunch of plans.  Detailed road maps to end my bitching about my body, my house,  my library, my stacks of crafty crap.  Because.  I do not want to spend my entire summer playing Royal Story,  as entertaining as that may be.   My kids leave a week from today.  It’s time to lock and load.

I broke out a Moleskin for this… I’m just that serious.


149/364/2015 Tomorrow’s Shopping List

I love Sunday.


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54/365/2015 Twenty-two and Dropping


It will be around 10 degrees waiting for the train tonight.  It’s cold,  I’m cranky, and my motivation is sorely lacking.  I am always through with winter before it is through with me.

Time to set some personal goals to get myself over the hump.  Last night,  I started saving my used tea leaves for fertilizer.  I’m going to plant some things. I know that a seed in the ground is hope in the heart. And also a way to give this arctic blast the finger.

30/365/2015 Day of Contemplation


Health. Diet. Work.   That kind of serious type stuff.  I calmed myself by cooking. 

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28/365/2015 Oh my aching back. And hand.


I am changing some things up today. I now have to carry the DSM, which is printed on lead leaf, with me on Mondays in addition to my lunch, my water bottle, my tablet which has the materials for my other classes, and the sundry personal items I need to make it through a 15 hour day. With the two books on the right, my backpack weighs enough that my back stayed tight Monday even when I wasn’t wearing the pack. No good. I’m switching to a smaller planner/personal notes book and a standard notebook for class notes.

As for pens. That DSM prof plans to finish his 3 hour class in 2 hours each week. He does this by speaking faster than JFK. And giving out loads of information not in the text. And his tests are open book open note. That aqua pen does not glide. I have to push and pull it. And writing quickly makes it illegible. And I have good pens. That one, and its package mates, are gone.

BTW, I thought the pack was heavy Monday. No, it’s heavy TODAY with all these notebooks while I make the switch. At least I had the sense to ditch the DSM this morning.