So the assignment was to draw my safe place.  This is the sketch out.  I’ll add color later. And draw the interior.



On a random Sunday morning to time for myself. And to journaling.  But not to a page quota or a topic. Just to the time, paper, and ink.

Another art


This one is pretty self explanatory, I think, except for the black dot. That represents where I am in the picture.  I really wish that when we did these directives, we had more time.  This is about seven minutes worth of work.

I LOVED the oil pastels. They blend!

Out and about today


Saw two cabbies hold up traffic so they could get out and exchange heated words…. in the road. And I had my heart broken by a man who only wanted a hamburger.

Doesn’t fit, doesn’t need to be in the closet


I really need to go to the thrift store. The donation stack is almost as tall as I am!



I spent a moment today reflecting on the amount of effort I’m putting into finding stuff to hold our stuff.  Even the dirty stuff. And the gross stuff we don’t want anymore. Sigh.