I spent a moment today reflecting on the amount of effort I’m putting into finding stuff to hold our stuff.  Even the dirty stuff. And the gross stuff we don’t want anymore. Sigh.



Spinning. Plying. Sherlock.  Later there will be spaghetti, date night, and Heinlein.

Jelly sandwich


I feel pretty.

Maybe I will keep it


So, I’ve been tossing around the idea of lopping off a good chunk of my hair. My last actual cut was in 2007, and I have had two professional trim-and-shapes since then, plus one quick just-cut-the-split-ends-out from my mom. Here’s the deal. I like my hair long. But it’s dry. And the longer it gets, the dryer it gets. I’ve been doing oil treatments lately with coconut oil, and even using three to four ounces of the stuff, my ends still look dry. Not after I wash. No. I mean with the oil still on my head.

And then there is my scalp. When my oldest daughter visited me a few years ago with her boyfriend, I reached up to scratch my head and she gleefully announced, “THAT!!!! That is the sound of my childhood! I’m home.” While I am glad she had that wistful little moment, the point remains that I have been dealing with a dry and itchy scalp for at least the past 26 years, which is her current age. The only respite was the year or so I went no-poo and only used bucketsful of conditioner. But hair this long does eventually get dirty enough (particularly after spending a long weekend in the woods) to need an actual washing, and then…I’m back to square one.

So, if you were watching yesterday, you saw that my eyeballs locked on to a line of products in Walgreens when I stopped to pick up something else. I went back today and got this stuff. Because. If it works, my head quits feeling like a fiery sand-pit AND I get to keep my hair. Which is good, because I dropped the price of a salon cut on product. Which is sort of okay, because this little bottle of shampoo will likely last me for three months. No, I don’t wash my hair every day, and when I do, I use very little shampoo. See detailed discussion of dry scalp.

BTW, I am still a huge fan of straight coconut oil as a scrunch-in-leave-in conditioner/styling aid, so I will likely continue to use it for that. But it’s impractical for scalp application if I plan to leave the house within the next two days.

Dang. I was hoping to get back into the 500 words a day groove with this post, but I’m at less than 400. Let me think a minute.

Oh, Firefly. I’m watching Firefly, the series. Seven wonderful episodes in the past two days, while knitting on a gift for my mentor. I will probably finish the last seven episodes and the project in the next couple of days and I am on the hunt for something else to watch after that. Any suggestions? I’m not worried about what to craft, I’ve got plenty of ideas for that on my own. After I clean and pack. First things first. I have guests coming for graduation AND HAVE I MENTIONED I’M MOVING TO MARYLAND FOR GRAD SCHOOL???

Oh, I guess I did. But. I like to remind me, so I have.



This is one of three pairs.   I had four, but I gave the warmest pair away to someone who needed them more than I did.

My desk


This is my desk right now.   And this is part of the reason I will be “in seclusion” this weekend.

Some days


A man just needs a beer and a big ol’ fuckitol.

Packed Lunch!

So, I packed lunch today. There is is. Also breakfast. And on the way to work it hit me that I am trying to switch my sleep schedule, but my *eat* schedule is still pegged to a 10am to 2am routine. For those of you keeping track, that’s a five hour offset. Do you think that maybe that would account for some of the tiredness? A little of it? All I know so far is that I drank that smoothie at 9 and ate lunch at 1 and I don’t feel like I’m dying over here.

Another of today’s insights: I am such a different person than most of my extended family recognizes. Sitting in social work classes, learning to help people see their own strengths, and how to encourage them to use those strengths to empower themselves has been wildly effective for me personally.

Well that, and the decision to live like I am dying. We all are, you know. This is not a dress rehearsal. You won’t get another run through to be happy and love fiercely. Do it now.