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Wise Craft by Blair Stocker


So, yeah, I know I am in seclusion this weekend and in theory should not be making a lengthy post. Truly it has been wonderful to step away from the computer for a bit and focus on some other (inner) work. I have gotten a good number of things done, and will have to visit the idea of making this a regular occurrence. My lists of things to do continue to multiply, which should have ceased to surprise me long ago. Sigh.

Anyway, one of the tasks I assigned myself was clearing my desk. Again. And one of the things on my desk was a review copy of Wise Craft.

Perhaps the most effective endorsement I can give this book is to tell you this: in a time when I am looking to downsize my everything, I am glad to have this book, and I will be taking it with me when I move. The projects in it are not overly complicated or fussy. Few of them are costly or overly time consuming. Most of them can be varied to use what you have on hand or are able to find easily. Many of them will find themselves in the rooms of my new home. I am quite fascinated by the crocheted net enclosed glass fishing floats on p.87 and the knitted swatch blanket on p. 167. I am so enthralled, in fact, that I am willing to forgive Miss Stocker for suggesting that one might use books as hot pads by intentionally desecrating them (p. 22 for the infidels among you).

Anyway, if you consider yourself to be a crafty sort, you might want to give this one a look. Unfortunately, you will have to order it, or visit your library/bookstore. You can’t sample the kindle edition or “look inside” the print version on Amazon. In my mind, that’s a serious omission in today’s book world. OTOH, the book is relatively inexpensive as far as crafting books go, so there’s that.