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April 21-25 Guess what? More pictures!

IMG00088 20100421 1308

April 21 Dead This, my friends is the pile of dead plants that I pulled out of the garden shop when I returned from my two weeks out of their. Clearly, someone needed to check into life insurance rates for them while I was gone. They expired from a lack of water. I continued to pull plants for about a week. At one point, I set up an intensive care nursery for the ones I thought I could save, but my manager said we didn’t have time for that, and the plants I was nurturing were thrown away. Her call, store’s loss.

IMG00096 20100422 1111

April 22 DaBaby visits On the 22nd, Mama was in town and brought DaBaby by to visit me. It was lots of fun getting some midday hugs and kisses. I miss my kids a lot when I am at work.

IMG00100 20100423 1114

April 23 Lizard! If you look closely in the middle of this picture, you will see a wee reptile. I see them quite often at work, but they rarely remain still long enough to take a good shot. Today, I won.

IMG00101 20100424 1222

April 24 Fire the Third Hmm, they still didn’t believe me. This was the day I cleaned the living room. It still looks pretty good. 😉

This was also the night of catharsis. I continued to cry up until this night, and most of the way through it. I cried for a lot of reasons this night. For loss and betrayal and the grown up me and the little girl me and for my children and it just went on and on and on. But when I woke up on Sunday I was a different woman. Actually, I was my old woman again. The depression that had plagued me for a very long time (years) had lifted somewhat, and that laughing, fun loving girl I used to be was clawing her way to the top. Somewhere in that night, I faced the ugly truth that a lot of really bad crap had happened to me in my life, and I grieved for it, and I tried to let it go. That’s not to say I’ve been completely perky since that point, but when I get down, it’s for a couple of hours, not….for the forseeable future. I can deal with that!

IMG00107 20100425 1001

April 25 Hello Old Me You may not be able to see it in my face, but I sure can!

Better-March 10


I felt better on the 10th, which was a very good thing, because I had to testify in court. I showered and dressed carefully and put on a fine face. Underneath it all, I wore my most uncomfortable underwear, just for the extra edge of aggravated they would give me, LOL. And I also wore, underneath a very business-like suit of clothes, these:


That’s right, pink socks with heels. Because a girl needs all the courage she can find sometimes.

Everything went well, but let me tell you, shaking like a leaf for a couple hours is a very effective natural fat burner. By the time I was done, I was starving. And who rode to the rescue? Guitar Guy, whose first text after I let him know I was done read “Lunch?”. And the next one read “Mexican?”. Oh yeah, buddy, I was so there!

oooh, two pictures for one day. Don’t be getting used to that!

Sick-March 9


On the 9th, I spent a good part of the morning in the bathroom. I’m pretty sure I left a portion of my intestines in there. A little colon cleansing diet if you will, only unintended. This is what I look like sick, with no makeup. It was going to be my self portrait of the week, which I didn’t get to for reasons that will become clear later. A life story has to be told in order, you know.

The downside to being sick on my day off is that I didn’t get jack squat accomplished. I am still behind from that over a week later. How does that happen that losing one day messes me up for a month? Of course, thinking back, I actually lost three days that week. The Tuesday I am talking about, Wednesday, and also Saturday. Sunday was pretty much a wash as well. Ok, that makes better sense. I am behind because I lost four days, not one. I’ll try to remember that as I look around the disaster in the living room and get ready to fuss at myself.

SPS March 7, 2010 taken March 6, Day 65 of Project 365

Hey, only 300 more days to go!!


I took this shot as I was forcing myself to clean the house a bit before I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife. As you probably know, I consider this to be possibly the best book ever. I was surprised by the fact that I liked the movie, because I usually don’t if I liked the book. For a two hour movie, they followed the book fairly closely. I smiled and cried in the same places, so….yeah, they did a good job. You may watch it without fear if you’ve been holding out.

Oh, I added “glow” with Picasa to this picture, which mostly effected the already bright sunlight behind me. I like this one, because it looks like I finally feel: at home in my own skin. I’m past the age of prenatal vitamins, not yet ready for geritol, and pretty darned pleased with life.

So what have you up to this week?

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Self Portrait Sunday Feb 28 Day 59 of Project 365

Good Morning, Folks! Enjoying your coffee today?


I’ve got big plans today: church, laundry, dishes, knitting, movie. What about you?

Self Portrait Sunday Feb 14, 2010 and Day 44 of Project 365

I went and got my hair trimmed on Saturday, in preparation for the ball next weekend. I am getting pretty excited about that, I tell ya! I still have to do a trial run on my makeup and try on the dress with my new umm…yeah. And in a couple days, I will wash my hair and see about how I want to fix it for the shin-dig. I made a deal to wear it down, so that’s a given, but how curly or straight it will be is still up in the air.


Let us know what you were up to this week!

Self Portrait Sunday 2/7/2010 and Day 36 of Project 365

And after work, I drive home. D’uh.


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