Walking Tall

I remember going to see Walking Tall (the original, mind you) at the drive-in. My mom and dad were dating, so it had to be over 30 years ago, since they married in 1976. We were talking about it just a week or so ago. My mom can’t remember going at all, LOL! But I do.

I miss drive-ins. The last time I went to one, it was Lion King, and we took a car load of girl scouts. I was sad to see that they had closed the drive in here when I moved back. Sometimes I just feel old, ya know? Simple pleasures that I’d like to share with my kids, poof! Gone.

Anyway, SPEEDtv will be featuring Speed’s own “Lost Drive-In” Marathon on Nov 25 at 3pm EST featuring Grand Prix and Rebel Without a Cause, great Street Racing flicks!

This this post sponsored by Speedtv.com. The memories? Those are my own.