Church work

I referenced yesterday’s sermon already today, but I thought I might type a bit about it while it was still semi-fresh in my mind. Chris used 1 Corinthians 16 as his text, but concentrated on 15:58 and 6: 9 and 13. He talked about how church work will keep you busy, but often will interfere with the work of the church, which is reaching people for the Kingdom of God. His points were

  • that the work of God is always rewarded by God, even though we sometimes do not see it.
  • that it happens when God ordains that it is time and
  • that it is always opposed

It was a great sermon for us as we begin the work of planting this church. He talked about how Paul was prevented from going to Ephesus for some time while God softened the city, and hardened Paul, and compared that with our own circumstances.

Angie said :Oh, this scripture so speaks to me! It is a scripture that keeps popping up. And here it is again. I love how God works to get something through our heads! I am glad you are back to church, Cass. It sure stinks when we aren’t in His word, doesn’t it.