Finally a way to keep up with myself that might just move at the speed I do. Or at least at the speed my brain does. BrainCast offers a free easy to use, internet & phone based message/memo recording and organization system. The program is in Beta now, and it looks to be a very handy way of organizing yourself–or your family. We all know I need organizing, right?

Sign-up was painless. After you have an account, you can call the toll-free number they give you, and record a messgae. Then it shows up on the site, where you can add notes, tag it or send it to others.

I sampled the service by calling to remind myself to “pick up hamburger”. Within a minute, I had this inmy email box:

You have been sent a BrainCast message recording.
Check out for more information.

I went back to the site, and listened to the message, changed the title to “hamburger”and sent it to my other email address. And there it was!!!!!!

Listen, if I can get a grip on this so fast, anybody can do it. What a neat tool! Yeah, it was silly to tell myself to buy hamburger. But what if I had wanted to tell DH to buy hamburger? Actually, I did need him to do that today, and it took longer to talk to him on the phone than it did to do all the stuff via BrainCast . This site rocks my socks!