Christmas is coming, and that always brings back memories. Today, I have a couple about diamonds.

The earliest one concerns my aunt, and it was….I guess 25 years or so ago??? She came over to our house one Christmas Eve, hardly able to talk. I remember my mom thought something was wrong because she was acting and looking so strange. Her family always opened one present Christmas Eve, and it turned out that the present she had chosen to open contained a diamond ring. She was hemmed up over that!

The other one is just too funny, and much more recent, like 9 years ago. It would help you understand this story if you knew my folks, but you don’t, so you’ll just have to trust me. We were home for Christmas, and opening gifts at my mom’s house. She’d been going on and on about wanting a diamond anniversary ring, and my dad was absolutely silent on the subject. I mean, he didn’t even use words that rhymed with ring, ok? So, she opened a big margarine tub. Inside was Hershey’s chocolate nuggets. She said thank you, and was tickled with the chocolates. But I knew my dad well enough to know that *this* was not his idea of a Christmas present, and this was the last present. He always saves the big one for last, and I just knew this could not be the “grand finale” of Christmas, ykwim?? (Looking back now, I wonder if Mama was disappointed and trying to shake it off. Mama?)

my_ring.jpgAnyway, to make this long story longer, I told her she better dig in those chocolates, and sure enough, there in the bottom was her ring! It looks a good deal like this one, which I asked my dh to buy me because I was jealous of hers, LOL! I got it for Mother’s Day the year my first son was born.

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