Techno tard?

Like me???? I have a real issue with some new and some not-so-new- technologies. In fact, I still have to get my kids to help me with our DVD player, and it’s the basic, el-cheapo model. I just can’t seem to remember to set the tv on this channel, the vcr on that channel, and then start the daggone movie. I always forget a step.

Now, there’s new technology to master. I’ve found a site that breaks it right on down, not *how* to work the thing once you get it home, that’s still on you. But this site will explain what to look for as far as features, and what those feature names mean. DVD Recorders and Players Guide covers the new blu-ray technology in general and this one covers the Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player specifically. A bit of poking around on the site will yield good info on other brands for you as well.

Perhaps enough info to take you from techno-tard (like me) to techno-whiz (like my kids).

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