I am pretty particular when it comes to choosing baby toys. I like educational toys, and I like plain, classic toys. That baby doll that eats, cries and wets her pants? No thanks. I want a plain doll that gets my kids to use their imagination. Like most parents, I could use a little help getting through the maze of bells and whistles that are loaded on the store shelves, and this site allows me to break down the selection by age, and the goal I have for the toy. Yeah, I guess home-schooling is just in my nature: I actually have specific things I want my children to learn to do, and it affects my toy buying decisions.

For instance, a child on the verge of crawling will get a ball that rolls or jiggles and makes noise. One that’s ready to learn to walk will get a push toy. And The Nursery Toy Guide is a fine place to start weeding out the junk in search of the “just right”.

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