Hey, Alli!

You said you were having trouble viewing my digicass site, because it was blocked for “adult content”. We both know that’s not true, but check this out! You can use an anonymous web proxy to get around that block. Now, since it’s anonymous, I won’t be able to tell from mite site stats that you came by, so be sure to leave me a comment every day, okay?

All you students out there can scope it out, too, and go where you want to go instead of where they let you go.

2 thoughts on “Hey, Alli!

  1. Well, actually that site is blocked from work too as “proxy avoidance!!!!” No matter, soon (very soon) I will no longer be spending my 9-5 behind web filters in a cubicle farm. I will be filter free at home full time. Isn’t that awesome?

  2. I’m pretty sure the work filter will catch that one as a proxy, but I’m sure going to try it lol I had one that worked, but they found it. *grrr*

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