Reader Alert

I love ebooks! It was so easy to read them while I was sitting here pumping, yk? I didn’t have to have a hand to hold and a hand to flip, and a hand to pick my nose. Oh wait, scratch that last part. Now that I am not pumping (well, theoretically, but we will get there), I hope to be able to spend a bit more time with actual paper books. But I do still knit, and an ebook is great company for that. I can read a paper book while knitting, but sometimes they like to close when I get to the good parts.

There are several great places to get ebooks, but the selection at eBooks About Everything is just incredible. They have over 70,000 titles in 4,000 categories. Myself, I have about 3 categories of books: stuff I want to read, stuff I want to read again, and stuff you couldn’t make me read.

I do have an additional goodie for you, as if the pure joy of books alone was not enough:

Everybody loves a coupon!

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