Eric Schiffer

I met someone new today. Well, new to me, but apparently the rest of the world knows him pretty well already. He’s an author and speaker. He’s also an animation director, and has worked with the likes of Faye Dunaway, Rachael Hunter, Corbin Bernson and Robert Wagner.He’s intelligent, too. He’s a member of Mensa.

Now why do I give a flip about Eric Schiffer? Well, simple: he’s going to be where I want to go, LOL! Eric will be going to Scotland, specifically Glasgow in December of this year to star in a Charles Bronson Remake that has a production name “Death Wish Returns”. The film will be released in mid-2008.

He’s keeping it pretty much under wraps, though, cause I can’t find anything else, in spite of scouring Celebrity Eric Schiffer, which is his website.