Dieter’s Salat

When I was stationed in Germany, I took some German classes for college credit. I learned quite a bit, and was even able to think in German before I left the country. There is quite a difference in high Deutsch, used in books and other printed matter and spoken in the northern areas, and low Deutsch, which is spoken in the southern areas. My instructor’s name was Dieter, and he was very careful to give us practice in both areas.

I remember Dieter not just for his excellent teaching skills, but because he also gave me the recipe for German Potato Salad. I can no longer find the paper he wrote it on, but here is the recipe:

You start with already cooked potatoes, and slice them. Fry some bacon and crumble it. Then make gravy from the drippings. Add some sugar to the gravy and let that melt, then add a little vinegar. (You have to do this to taste, so I’m not giving exact measurements.) Pour that gravy over the potatoes and and bacon, and mix well. If you like onion, saute a little of that in the bacon drippings as well.

No, that’s not a spelling error in the title. Salat ist für den “Salad” deutsch.

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