Politics Forum

I just have to share this! I’ve found a politics forum! I poked around quite a bit and it seems the forum was just opened in November, so it’s still quite new. I was quite pleased to see an area for political jokes. So often people get all wrapped up in the seriousness of politics, and forget how funny it can be. Yes, it is indeed serious business, but a sense of humor can certainly help defuse tensions. I also like the Political History area, history being one of my favorite subjects!

If you back out of the forum to the front page, there are links to many of the major news sources. That seems pretty balanced with the NYT represented as well as FOX. If they’d add the CSM to the list, I think that would be a pretty good one-stop headline shop. It’s handy to have them in one area, and nice to be able to see what’s going on in the world before you enter the forum proper.

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