Open letter to PPP

PayPerPost is going to release some big news in the near future. I have a pretty good idea what it is, since I stumbled across the website by accident. I’m not going to spill the beans though. I will answer the question they asked: how do you think the world will react? Frankly, I think most of the world will ignore it, and the same bloggers who’ve been dissing PPP since it’s inception will have a field day with this. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so.

Here are a few announcements I wish they’d make.
1) Yes, you know your own blogs better than we do, since you have been the ones writing them. We apologize for our high-handedness in trying to tell our best bloggers what they actually talk about on their blogs.

2)We’re sorry we rolled out the whole segmentation thing without explaining it adequately to either the Posties or the advertisers. We made an error, and we have compiled a fact sheet explaining categories and tack scores and bans, and this fact sheet will be sent to every advertiser and blogger via email.

3)We’re sorry that some of our Posties have been unfairly penalized because we didn’t bother to explain what a ban meant to a blogger when we encouraged advertisers to use it. We will go back to the advertisers and verify that they meant to ban *every blog* a Postie has, and not just the one the opp appears on. Additionally, we will remove bans that advertisers have placed just to keep a blogger from taking their opps, when the content and writing are fine. We’ll encourage them to use phrases such as “please do not take this opp if you have blogged for us in the past”.

4)Regarding the bans, we apologize for telling you to improve your blogs, and then not giving you feedback by refusing to reveal the reasons advertisers may be displeased with your work. In the future, you will receive email notification of any ban, and while bans will stand, we will remove the negative impact from your tack scores of those bans that are not due to poor work quality.

Perhaps if PPP makes a couple of those announcements, I will be in love with them again. I’m just not right now. I’ve tried to keep my recent feelings of discontent off my blogs, because I still believe that PPP can turn this ship around and get it headed back in the right direction. Acknowledging that you have left your best writers confused and angry would be a great place to start. If you don’t begin to address these issues, then soon you will have left only those bloggers you were attempting to get rid of with segmentation.

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5 thoughts on “Open letter to PPP

  1. I wont’ tell either. Just whisper it in my other ear. ;0)

    Cass, mahalo for stating in clear, sane and reasonable terms why good posties are so incredibly frustrated and feeling sorely abused just lately. Ya done good, my friend! Tip of the hat to you!

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