Morning Musings 3/14/2007

Today, I will be concentrating on clearing the top of the freezer. Since it is leaking, and we need to get it out of here, that would seem to be a logical first step. It’s mostly clothes that need to be de-wrinkled at this point, and since I am almost caught up on the laundry, I can afford to do that today. I also need to go back over the areas I have deep cleaned, and tidy them just a bit, and then move forward on that. I seemed to have stalled out on that, and I’d like to get my momentum back. I do have a couple things that are higher priority though (like school organiziation), so we’ll see what happens.

As far as work today, I have some of that, too. In fact, I have quite a bit of it, LOL! I’ve got several notes about things I want to do on/with/for the blogs, and…….you know, I think today, I will go over my index cards, and separate the types of tasks I have on them.

I may take a trip to the new WalMart today. After 20 years of promising, it is officially here, and opened this morning.