Soy Candles

I have really been enjoying my candles lately. I burn then for several hours every day. We actually set up several different spots around the living room with like-smelling groupings of candles. I still have to look at then every time I go into a store that has them, though. One thing I have yet to run into locally is soy candles. I found the soy wax at A.C. Moore, but I wasn’t sure what it was, so I didn’t get any.

According to Roly Poly Soy Candles, I may have cheated myself out of a real delight. They last three times as long as traditional candles, and throw even more scent. I may have to order a few, because they have some scents that sound delightful! I’d like to try the lemon grass and the jasmine, for sure. The selection of scents is just incredible, and you can have the candles whatever color you’d like, because they pour to order. I have a birthday coming up, and perhaps I can justify a little more self indulgence.

10 thoughts on “Soy Candles

  1. If you have a JoAnn store near you, they carry a line of soy candles, in awesome scents. I bought one last Mothers Day with a hyacinth scent for my gram (hyacinths remind me of my grandmother for some reason) She reports that it near lasted forever.

  2. I order soy candles online from a local company… they’re amazing. they smell SO yummy, and the burn for a really long time. It’s a cleaner burn too.

  3. Soy candles are my favorite! They last forever! Just a reminder that hyacinth is my favorite scent. 😉

  4. I have never tried soy candles. All of my candles came from yankee candle shops. My fav is honeydew. 🙂

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