One more task, one sweet car

Dh finally got the old car and van cleaned out, so I need to call and get them hauled off. Needing to do that has reminded me about the only car we’ve ever gotten rid of that didn’t leave us on the back of a wrecker. When we still lived in Topeka, my fil gifted us with a gorgeous Chrysler LeBaron. He got it used at a great price from Conklin, a Newton, Kansas Car Dealer, and that thing was suh-weet. It had power everything. Dh drove it’s wheels off doing field service. It still ran great when we moved, but we decided not to bring it with us, because it would not hold all of us, and we could only haul one vehicle, so we chose the van. We sold it to the friend who helped us pack up house, and as far as I know, she’s still driving it. I haven’t talked to her in quite a while. Maybe I should call her today, after I call the junk car man.

2 thoughts on “One more task, one sweet car

  1. Hmm. That reminds me. My daughter’s car is parked outside the house whilst she’s in Mozambique. We try and remember to ‘use’ it once a week.

  2. Ha, I finally, finally got the guy called on those jalopies today. He should come get them tomorrow or Friday. I hope.

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