A Pretty Purple Pig

That’s what we’ve got! I’d really like to show it to you, but it’s at my moms, so I can’t. In fact, I haven’t even seen it, but she assures me that it is practically perfect in a purpley, piggy way. Now, why do I need a purple pig? To accept donations in, of course! It’s for The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk. You have signed up, haven’t you? Team captain? Walker?? Donator??? Something???? If you need to do number three, you can click the wee banner in the sidebar. Just sayin’. I’m sorta stuck, as you can see.


I did let the people at church know about it, with a pretty purple flyer, and I think a few of them are planning to come. Perhaps I will dye the grits purple this week as a reminder, and by the time the purple wears off all their teeth, it will be time for the walk………….bwahahahahaha. Excuse me while I giggle at the thought of all of us sitting there smiling at Pastor with purple teeth. I’ll be back when I regain control of myself.

Memory Walk

This post is sponsored by The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk

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