Book Review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

I’ve had this little book in my possesion for some time now, but I’ve let life get in the way of reading it. That happens sometimes, yk? I picked it up last Sunday afternoon, and finished it last night. Considering how little time I am able to devote to reading, that was pretty quick. I’m estimating ten to twelve hours of actual read time, max, and that was going slowly, and rereading the especially applicable parts.

51vqpd  TFL. BO2 204 203 200 PIsitb sticker arrow clickSee, The Noticer is not just a quick piece of fiction fluff, which is what I expected when I opened it. Instead, this little book is a series of life lessons. Not all of them apply to every one every time, but most of them apply to everyone at one time or another. 176 pages of learning wrapped up in a good story; my kind of book.

The Noticer begins with Jones meeting Andy. Now, I might be tempted to call Jones the main character, except he really isn’t. The main character in this book, at least to me, is the life changing perspective that Jones gives to those around him. Stuff like: you have a purpose, you can choose what you become, the best is yet to come. Simple, powerful things. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with life, even just a little bit, and even to those who aren’t, because as Jones so wisely noticed we are all either in a crisis, coming out of a crisis or headed into a crisis.

I knew before I was 3/4 done that I would be passing this book on. As soon as I finished it (at 1 AM), I packed it up to ship to That One. I’ve already told him it’s a loaner, and when I get it back, it’s going to my cousin, who loves a good story as much as I do. Then I’ll be assigning it to a few of my kids, and then, I plan to read it again myself. It’s just that powerful.

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  1. Yes! a very good book. Mine is out on loan now. If one cannot borrow the book to read, it is well worth the purchase price.

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