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So now that I am turning my attention back to my writing, I am wondering once again about keywords, and which ones to choose to enable folks who would enjoy my little blog to find it. The thing about search engine optimization and this blog, however, is that I blog across such a wide range of topics that it’s hard to choose keywords: the words I would choose this week might not even apply next week. Add to that the fact that I seldom know what I am actually going to write about when I open the blog, and you can see how it could quickly become something of a dilemma. As an example, the META on the site still contains the same keywords that I chose when I started the blog, which do NOT include “photographs”, “divorce”, “depression”, “garden” or any of the other things I have spent most of the last year talking about.

Now, if I were smart and had plenty of money to invest in this site, I could hire someone like Search Engine People to do a Organic Search Engine Optimization for me. Since I don’t, I’ll likely end up doing what I have been doing: concentrating on content, and hoping the search engines are able to decipher what I am actually talking about. It’s probably not the best strategy, but it’s what I can afford for now.

Of course, there’s another method of attracting readers, too, and that’s where you guys come in. If you like what you find here, how about recommending me to a friend?

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  1. Hi Cass, its not just about recommending your blog, you need to get people to link to you too. I’m fifty something and have a website aimed at midlife women ie 40-60 ish so my visitors might be interested in your writings so I’ll put a link on my blog as a start 😉

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