An Ode to Patrick Swayze

Dear Patrick Swayze,

I know you are dead and all, but here is the fan letter I would have written if I thought you actually read them yourself. You are so amazing. I loved every one of your movies. Yes, I’ve seen them all. From the way you held Baby in Dirty Dancing to the way you exacted justice in Next of Kin to the very obvious love you had for your wife in Last Dance, you are the bomb.

Also, unbearably HAWT. Just sayin’ From my teens to my late thirties, you rocked my socks. You taught me that nobody puts Baby in a corner and that pain don’t hurt. Also how to rob banks and do a disappearing wipe-out.

I still sigh every time I see your picture, and I still smile every time I watch you move with that cat-like grace. If I had the money, I’d put multiple big screens on assorted tv stands and watch you in stereo.