31/365/2015 Party Prep


I went out early this morning and got the food for tomorrow’s party, and groceries for the week. No, we won’t be eating only onions, but I liked the visual appeal of the bowl after I got the shopping unpacked, and you’ve seen several shots of my “ready to cook” counter later. I thought I would show you something else. Besides, I wanted to let you all know that I bought fresh garlic today because I learned last night how easy it is to “crush garlic with side of knife.” I know I am so ignorant in the kitchen. I can only say that both my grand-dad and my step-father were men who preferred simple foods, so I learned my kitchen skills from simple cooks. The spice cabinet consisted of salt, pepper, onion powder, Italian seasoning and bacon grease. “Crush the garlic” is not something I ever saw anyone do until I asked someone to show me.

While I was out, I had to remind the guy at the liquor store that he was supposed to be working in a no-judgment zone. I guess most people buy their alcohol a bit at a time, instead of running out of everything and then waiting a few more weeks to go replace any of it. HA!

You know how sometimes you take a nap and you feel refreshed? And other times you take one, and you sleep so long and so hard that you spend the rest of the day muddle-headed? Guess which one I had today? I’m trying to get alert enough to make a pie and mix up sausage balls. These are easy enough things, but…..I can’t quite get there.

I’ll be thinking of Aunt Janey while I make the sausage balls. She made the first ones I ever ate, and I can’t even think of them without seeing her face, and hearing her say my name. She could make “Denise” sound like “You are precious and loved.” I miss that.

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