A Peek at My Wednesdays

As I type this in my office, which is Clientless because I can’t see people between 9 and 11 on Wednesday morning, I can clearly hear the lady across the hall screaming at the assembled congregation. This is why I can’t see anyone on Wednesdays between 9 and 11. First there is the music, which is good, but also loud enough to vibrate the floor under my feet. Then there is the screeching preaching.

I mean, I am all about some exhortation, but I have never enjoyed being screamed at myself, so I much prefer to love people into submission. Generally, I find it easier to exercise authority over those who willingly allow me to lead. Not from fear, you see, but because they believe my vision has value and trust my judgement. But that’s just me. The higher the stakes, the lower and slower I speak. If it’s really important, I may not talk much at all–just roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I find this Wednesday morning church ironic. The pastor who runs this clinic has one of the gentlest, most thoughtful voices I have ever heard. I can no more imagine him yelling at people than I can imagine …I don’t know. Of course, I have never heard him preach. Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t preach– he does so every Monday from 11 to 1. During which time I can see clients. Just sayin’.

But Wednesday mornings? They are a wash here, except for admin tasks. Luckily(??), I have plenty of those. Discharges, treatment planning, scheduling, supervision, concurrent reviews, missing intake paperwork, playing GO. All good Wednesday morning tasks. Actual counseling? Not so much.

Note to self: this would be a great time for headphones and classical music.