More about PayPerPost

I really enjoy working with PayPerPost. I love finding out about new websites and products. I like that there are a wide variety of opportunities to take, so I can generally find something that’s easy and comfortable to talk about. I like the way PPP stands behind the bloggers, encouraging advertisers to just supply enough info to get us started, and not tell us what to say. Oh, there are advertisers that try to put words in our mouths, and their opps sit and sit and sit, while the ones who just say talk about xyz fly quickly, even if they pay less. PayPerPost is great for chatterboxes like me, because it pays me to blog, and I do enjoy blogging, oh yes I do

Here’s a snap shot of the “leader board”. I can’t figure out how to make it nice and square like I see it when I log in, but you will note that I am currently #4. That may drop depending on what happens with the puzzle thing today, but I have been consistently 7-9 before today. Four feels pretty good, LOL!

  • Colleen
    Colleen 692
  • Justin
    Justin 355
  • Amy
    Amy 743
  • Cass
    Cass 269
  • Dawn
    Dawn 2401
  • Stefanie
    Stefanie 1257
  • Brian
    Brian 1823
  • Tim
    Tim 614
  • Ron
    Ron 773
  • John
    John 61
So what am I going to do with my bucks? Well, I’ve spent a bit this summer trying to get caught up on bills. I’ve been able to put my kids in scouts. I’ll be getting the Christmas lay-a-way out for the 2 littlest (and some things for the older ones) this week, and I am saving for another car. PPP enables us to do/have things that would be out of reach on just my DH’s salary, and I don’t have to go punch a clock to do it. Early in the morning, late at night, while I am sitting here pumping anyway, it’s all good to PPP. And since I get to say exactly what I really think, it’s all good to me. I am so glad I followed that link from J-Walk back in July. Approximately 2,000 dollars worth of glad.

In addition to the money, I’ve made friends with some really neat people. PPP has provided us a forum where we can hang out. It’s like an office water cooler, only without blocking the hallway, and with better jokes. I have fun there, chatting with the “posties”. We help each other with questions, and just shoot the breeze.

I recommend PPP to anyone, without and reservations. If you have opinions (Lord, don’t we all?) you can do this, and you can have fun doing it.

P.S. (I can’t even believe I forgot to say this) If you check PPP out, and decide to sign up, please enter my email in the referral box. I’ll get $5, and you’ll get paid to blog. It works out, yes? My email addy is cass at cassknits dot com.


Jules said…
Aww, that’s a nice story 🙂

Amy said…

But why is everyone posting screenshots of the leader board now that I got bumped down a peg?? 😉

Jersey Girl said…
Nice post…I’m enjoying reading everyone’s stories. I’m still too far to be on the leader board, but I just may end up being the dark horse one day that comes up from behind! LOL

Steve said…
Great story, I don’t think I’ll make the leaderboard anytime soon tho, since I only got my one blog (for now, lol)


Cass said…
I only had one when I made the leader board. There’s hope 🙂

Rainlander said…
Congratulation Cass!

I am soooo new to ppp.

today i have written my first ppp entries in my blog and now i am discovering more and more about ppp!

amazing site!

i really enjoyed with your story.
Thanks for sharing 🙂