wash on monday

*rambling notes to myself headed toward a weekly schedule that will be linked in the sidebar with the other schedules*

Do you remember that rhyme?

Wash on Monday
Iron on Tueday
Mend on Wednesday
Churn on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake on Saturday
Rest on Sunday

Since I no longer iron, very rarely mend, and never churn, why am I having a hard time getting things done? I’m thinking back on my post about what’s normal, and even though it’s true that everyday is different and I need to be flexible, I also need to get a plan!

I like to do laundry daily. It’s just way too much to handle in one day, but I probably should concentrate on making sure everything is caught up on Monday.

Nor am I willing to live in squalor everyday of the week except Friday. But it does make perfect sense to give the house a good all-over spiff up on Friday afternoon, so we can enjoy it over the weekend. This would be combined with cleaning on other days.

It would be nice to do a cooking day of some sort, but I usually get groceries on Saturday or Sunday evening, and neither Sunday nor Monday work for that. Perhaps I could go get groceries on Friday evening?